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Social Care Debate Review

Posted by Stephen Burrows on 07/07/2017
At a Leaders Club event a couple of years ago, addressed by the chief fire officer of Manchester Fire Service, we were posed the question "Why are fire stations located, as they are, in city centres?". We were able to offer at best a few...... Read More

Windsor Leadership

Posted by Shona Fletcher on 07/07/2017
The Leaders Club is delighted to offer a selection of events in partnership with Windsor Leadership. It is a unique charity which specialises in experience-led residential leadership development programmes at Windsor Castle for senior leaders from all sectors of society including business,...... Read More

De Vere Group

Posted by Shona Fletcher on 11/05/2017
The Leaders Club has an enduring partnership with De Vere Group (now known as The Principal Hotel Company) for several years. for some time. The Board wishes to acknowledge our gratitude and we have sought ways of both organisations deriving benefits for the members and...... Read More

Rebuilding ‘The Big Society’

Posted by Administrator TLC on 10/09/2016
TLC was privileged to hear from Sir Stuart Etherington – Chief Executive NCVO on his ideas for reinvigorating ‘The Big Society’ at an event at Holborn Bars London on 7 September 2016. Sir Stuart’s premiss was that ‘The more the State does the less Society will...... Read More