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Event Summary – Tim Stimpson

Posted by Shona Fletcher on 15/07/2016
It seems likely that when Tim was about 5 his school report included the phrase “Tim is not a born leader, yet!”  Since then through his experience on and off the Rugby field, Tim has definitely become a leader and role model.  Rugby is probably...... Read More

Event Summary, Ian Row

Posted by Luke VAN BEEK on 22/06/2016
An accountant turned Atlantic rower!  Ian alleged that he was there to tell us a story of 6 ordinary people who got together to row the Atlantic.  Not a bit of it: this was a fascinating and deeply moving story of the personal journey of...... Read More

A Trip for the Brave

Posted by Administrator TLC on 01/06/2016
The Leader’s Club centenary tour of The Somme

May 2016

Recently returned from The Leaders Club’s fascinating tour of the Western Front, led by Admiral Sir Trevor Soar our four day odyssey was at the same time a stimulating break with friends, historically informative...... Read More

Empowering Tomorrow leaders – May 2016

Posted by Shona Fletcher on 25/05/2016
Matt Hyde, Chief Executive The Scout Association The events started with Martin Goodwill welcoming the Emerging Leaders to the club. The Emerging Leaders initiative aims to provide a two way learning process for established members and guests and the emerging leaders. It also provides networking opportunities...... Read More