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principlesAmongst the many benefits of The Leaders Club is that it is entirely discreet.  Membership details are never disclosed outside the Club.  The Chatham House rule applies and access to data is restricted.  No one is appraised; members can exchange experiences in privacy and confidentiality and often offer practical assistance when difficulties arise.

Motto, Vision, Mission, End State and Objectives

Motto – Bringing Great Minds Together

Vision – ‘Inspiring each other with inspiring speakers at inspiring venues’.

Mission – The Leaders Club will provide a forum under ‘Chatham House Rule’ for invited leaders to socialise, network and exchange ideas for mutual benefit. In addition it will be a conduit for the development, mentoring and encouragement of the leaders of the future.

End State – A respected forum for inspiring leaders, integrating ideas and influencing policy


  • Organise events that appeal to members thus fulfilling the Club’s Mission Statement.
  • Expand membership to circa 3000 in a loose branch structure
  • Encourage members to use their expertise and experience to inspire leaders of the future
  • Encourage exchange of ideas and best practice
  • Provide opportunities for members to develop themselves at events prior to dinner evenings
  • Provide links to selected academic institutions to support tomorrow’s leaders
  • To develop close links with Academia and thereby to offer and advance a range of relevant accredited qualifications to members and member organisations
  • Through the collective knowledge and experience of members to provide and develop the skills necessary to enable members to become non-executive directors, mentors and business advisors
  • To be recognised as a centre of excellence and knowledge to influence thinking and entrepreneurship
  • To develop links between the Services and business sectors to enable both to maximise the experiences gained by each to mutual advantage
  • Explore revenue stream opportunities to support and expand the Club’s mission