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Windsor Leadership

The Leaders Club is delighted to offer a selection of events in partnership with Windsor Leadership. It is a unique charity which specialises in experience-led residential leadership development programmes at Windsor Castle for senior leaders from all sectors of society including business, government, military, faith and not-for-profit. This cross-sector exposure to different styles of leadership, combined with the quality and level of leaders attending programmes, is what makes Windsor Leadership unique. We are delighted that many Leaders Club speakers are Windsor Leadership Alumni.

Windsor Leadership says, “We don’t teach leadership – we create opportunities and the right peer to peer environment to explore and discover personal leadership styles. We focus on facilitated learning and challenging leaders to think about key elements of leadership at the heart of their organisations and society today.”

Windsor Leadership inspires the leaders of today and tomorrow to transform themselves, their organisation and society for the better. To read first-hand accounts of how the programmes are making a difference in the lives of leaders please click to view these impact quotes. For further details, to apply or nominate, or to see the range of programmes on offer please view the website.