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Empowering Tomorrow leaders – May 2016

Matt Hyde, Chief Executive The Scout Association

The events started with Martin Goodwill welcoming the Emerging Leaders to the club. The Emerging Leaders initiative aims to provide a two way learning process for established members and guests and the emerging leaders. It also provides networking opportunities that Emerging Leaders may not easily find elsewhere, especially within their own peer group or work setting.

Martin then introduced Matt Hyde, Chief Executive The Scout Association

Matt has been Chief Executive of the Scout Association since 2013, and within this time the movement has seem huge growth in its membership. Iin fact the association has just seen its 11th consecutive year of growth. One in 4 of members are girls, and the association survives off the resources of 15,000 volunteers.

So, how does this sort of organisation, steeped in tradition and possibly stereotyping, keep active and grow in a digital age?

The Scout Association focuses its attention on the non-formal environment that can help to breed leaders of the next generation. Selection of Bear Grills as the “Chief Scout” has been a great move for the organisation, but it is not just Bear’s revere that is help the organisation grow. The leadership of Matt and his team, and how this is trickling through the organisation, is evident.

Matt has a strong and shared believe in the power of leadership to transfer organisations and economy. He has an honest and dedicated team around him, many of whom have worked with in previous careers. Matt shared his view with TLC that lifelong learning is key to leadership. He has a good foundation of academic learning mixed with experience in the charity and volunteers sectors as a leader, and take advice from those around him. A notable recommendation from Matt was for Steve Radcliff, Author of Future – Engage – deliver

Matt has had 360 appraisals throughout his career. This, combined with this absolute believe that Mentoring, Coaching Action Learning Sets and Support Team Champions have shaped his ability and to learn and grow as a leader.

The scout moment enables the countries it is active in to build social capital. It builds resilience and leadership qualities within its members. In fact, Matt classes the Scouts as the world’s largest leadership development programme! The weight of research proves that those that do activities outside of school are those that go on to achieve the most in life. The association also demonstrates its beliefs – 3 of the Board of the Scout Association are between the ages of 18 – 25.

Matt gave a truly engaging talk to members of TLC and I certainly came away with solid Leadership tips as well as more knowledge about a fascinating organisation. Many thanks for Matt in giving the Club his time and such an enjoyable talk.

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