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Event Summary – Tim Stimpson

It seems likely that when Tim was about 5 his school report included the phrase “Tim is not a born leader, yet!”  Since then through his experience on and off the Rugby field, Tim has definitely become a leader and role model.  Rugby is probably the ultimate “team” game and it is by building high performing teams that you win matches.  We received a brilliant explanation of how through Leicester Tigers and the England squad this can be done. Whether it was through ensuring that everyone gets to play to their strengths, how important it is to “pass the ball” (no command and control here) or how much performing under pressure was all about emotional buy-in and trusting others, we saw how to do it.

I had never seen delegation and empowerment as important in a sporting context: now I understand why the parallels into corporate life as so close.  We must all understand that there is a cost to this approach and trusting those around you is a necessary given before teams can win.

Finally Tim made clear the importance of setting demanding goals but explained these must be progressive.  Perhaps the reason English rugby went into decline after winning the World Cup was that no one set the next high goal.

A great conversation with lessons that went well outside the sporting arena.