Dying well

21st September 2022, 6:00 pm




Phil Sampson

Phil Sampson is one of my favourite people. He makes me feel small – at 6’+ he towers over me. Phil was a senior officer in the Royal Marines and with a fellow colleague set up Sampson Hall in 2009. Phil and David amicably went their separate ways in 2014 as Phil focussed on developing a very successful coaching and training business www.sampsonhall.co.uk located in the South West. I met Phil in 2011 when TLC London was formed and we instantly hit it off. Phil last presented individually in November 2014 when his topic was ‘Making the Most of Your Failures’. Our meetings were often held in those days at 138-142 Holborn London – an incredible venue. As time went on I was keen to expand TLC and we took the decision to form TLC South West with Phil heading it up. The inaugural event was on 11thOctober 2018 and our guest presenter was Nigel Wray, the owner of Deer Park (the venue) but also Saracens FC. It was a brilliant evening and set things up nicely for the future. A year later in July 2019 I met with Phil and his marvellous wife Sandra to look forward when Phil then made the following bombshell. The following are Phil’s words

Not many people have terminal diagnosis before the age of sixty. But those of us who have had such a life changing event begin to look at the world in a very different way. Phil Sampson a Founding Member of the Leaders Club will reflect what it has meant to him and his nearest and dearest. How he now views the chaotic world we live in and the importance of purpose to a life. His talk will go through all the emotions as he approaches Chemotherapy for the second and probably the last time. How lucky he has been to help others throughout his life and how he approaches death. A subject that is common to us all yet so infrequently discussed in our society.

Given that the previous week we have had a presentation from Professor Richard Sullivan on Cancer Care on ‘Treating Cancer in the UK: Must do better?’ we are going to be privileged to hear from a dear friend and all round brilliant bloke on how he ‘manages’ stage 4 Prostate Cancer.