Leadership consulting within government – a necessary investment or a comfort blanket

28th September 2022, 6:00 pm




Adam King

Senior Director for a leading global consultancy, and leads the firm’s public sector Transformation Activation business

Insights into leadership consulting – why is it needed and does the public really benefit from the spend?

This special event will feature Adam being interviewed about his experience as an advisor to senior leaders across government. During the session, he will share insights into how and why government departments engage him and his team, their typical projects, and the outcomes and benefits of their work.   



Adam works with senior leaders across government supporting them to transform their organisations for the benefit of citizens.  He does this through bringing expert teams in the areas of leadership, learning and talent to address client challenges.  His primary focus is Security and Justice, but Adam works across the public sector, especially in relation to major projects within the Government Major Project Portfolio.  Particular areas of expertise are: design and delivery of leadership programmes, top team facilitation, talent strategy and implementation, learning programme design and implementation. Adam has worked as personal advisor to senior leaders (1 star/ Deputy Director, through to 3 Star/ DG level) across government.  Most typically he is used as a subject matter expert around leadership, talent and transformation alongside the delivery of major projects. 

Joe Duhan

Joe moved to Deloitte in 2015, after a mercifully short stint in investment banking, and joined their Defence & Security account in 2019. He focuses on senior leaders, and is currently developing his client’s capabilities in leading through a multi-year digital transformation. Until 2015 he was a senior military officer, employed in various operational, command, and policy roles including counter-terrorism, and CBRN specialist capability development.