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10 best Leadership books of 2017

Posted by Shona Fletcher on 09/11/2017
Ryan Thames of Pinnacle Publishing has reviewed the top 10 Leadership books of 2017. Today, I present to you the 10 best leadership books of 2017. Leaders should be readers. Reading has a host of benefits for those who wish to occupy positions of leadership and...... Read More

16 Inspiring Books Women Leaders Need to be Reading

Posted by Shona Fletcher on 09/09/2017
Currently, executive women hold about 4.6% of CEO positions in S&P 500 Companies. The list includes famous names such as General Motors’ Mary Barra, Pepsico’s Indra Nooyi and Oracle’s co-CEO, Safra Catz. I struggle to find good leadership books, but luckily Read More

Social Care Debate Review

Posted by Stephen Burrows on 07/07/2017
At a Leaders Club event a couple of years ago, addressed by the chief fire officer of Manchester Fire Service, we were posed the question "Why are fire stations located, as they are, in city centres?". We were able to offer at best a few...... Read More

Windsor Leadership

Posted by Shona Fletcher on 07/07/2017
The Leaders Club is delighted to offer a selection of events in partnership with Windsor Leadership. It is a unique charity which specialises in experience-led residential leadership development programmes at Windsor Castle for senior leaders from all sectors of society including business,...... Read More